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 Audit and Accounting

The Audit approach provides a methodology that can recognize the specific needs of your business, and evaluate your performance, which will help you control internal and external risk. 
We help our clients create a stronger, more successful organization and meet the regulators' expectation by understanding their needs and help them create the proper accounting system.

Our audit service includes the followings:

-    Annual Audit for issuing an opinion the financial position of the Business in  Accordance to International standards and compliance with the statutory law.
-  Internal Audit for continuous monitoring and ensuring efficient functioning as per  Approved regulations & procedures.
- Operational Audit to provide information and suggestions for business restructuring,  Pruning of Product lines, price fixation etc.
-  Audit for valuation of Business for acquisitions and mergers.

Our accounting service includes the followings:

-  Organizing and setting up accounting systems,
-  Outsourcing accounting services (General bookkeeping, accounting assistance and supervision),
-  Helping in preparing the regular financial reports and annual financial statements.


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