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 Corporate Reorganizations

AGN firms work with companies to develop structures which improve economic returns on transactions across a full spectrum of industries.
- Restructuring, acquisitions and mergers advice:
ASAS for business consultancy ltd helps the Companies increasing its attention to a growing cost base to ensure it is providing the right value and return on investment. Moreover, we do support the companies facing a critical issues by providing the best solution on the right time and limiting the damage as much as possible. This can involve substantial restructuring of the whole company or the need to focus on reorganizing one business or function, such as finance.
-  Risk & fraud management:
ASAS for business consultancy ltd team work with the management to Identify risk reduction and performance improvement opportunities and helps to implement a process for identifying and investigating warning signs of fraud. And assist in identifying suspected fraud and misconduct using many sources such as:
-Staff  or ethics lines
-Internal and external auditors
-Regulators and Customers
-The press
We ensure that the fraud is stopped and assure following the investigation, improving the control systems to reduce the likelihood of a similar incident.
-  Implementation of proposed solutions and change management:
ASAS for business consultancy ltd's approach to risk management balances short-term compliance with longer term integration into business systems to ensure a sustainable process and to meet the needs of the  company's stakeholders to have greater transparency and stronger corporate governance. Moreover, secure the safeguard privacy and some commercial return on this substantial investment in compliance costs and management time and ensure information security.
-  Appraisal and valuation of companies preparing for public offering:
We can ensure providing our clients with objective, reasoned, and independent valuation that can be used to satisfy their needs whether they want to uncover and recognize the value of their assets, transacting their prices, valuation for accounting purposes or to have a support for litigation or arbitration


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